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Correa de guitarra espacial de oro de 24 quilates

Precio de oferta$295.00

This spacey strap is made using acrylic paint over 24k gold. Inspired by some of NASA’s amazing space photographs.

Hand-painted by New Hampshire based artist, Linny Kenney, on the finest Italian vachetta leather.

  • Our French hides are tanned in Tuscany using chestnuts

  • Free of harmful chemicals and metals, allergy safe and bio-degradable.

  • Hand-stained using eco-friendly dyes.

  • Strap is 2” wide and the length is very adjustable, measuring 56” at fullest extension and 42” at shortest.

  • Strap button holes measure 1/4” wide for a nice tight fit, but with an added slit so you can easily get the strap on and off.

  • Handmade in New Hampshire, USA.