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Peruvian Wool Textile Strap No.11

Sale price$125.00

This hand-woven pure wool textile was made by a group of women master weavers in a small village in Cusco, Peru. The wool is sheared on site and naturally dyed using organic matter from the surrounding area at the base of Machu Picchu.

Andean weaving is rich with spiritual symbolism and representations of diverse myths, rituals, depictions of daily life. Communities of weavers tend to use some symbols which are specific to their towns or regions. All of the designs on the textiles made for LK are from Chinchero, which is well known for its history and tradition of weaving.

Many details of the woven fabrics have a meaning, such as the specific symbols woven into the fabrics and their relation to each other, and even the color and spin of the yarn.

  • solid brass swivel snaps are plated in 18k gold

  • doubles as a bag strap and camera strap

  • This textile is pictured with the Mini Tote in Pearl Grey. Bag and strap are sold separately.

Peruvian Textile Bag Strap
Peruvian Wool Textile Strap No.11 Sale price$125.00